Monday, October 13, 2008

The Marathon...A Family Affair

Janet and I have never been prouder of our offspring than on Sunday.

First off, our youngest, Bonnie, ran the great Chicago Marathon, along with 31,000-plus others. A first-timer, she finished the 26.2-mile race–not in the time she hoped for–but she did finish, footsore but ambulatory.

That’s good news, but it’s only part of the good news. Her three siblings all jumped into the race at various points along the way to “push her along.”

Colleen, who drove in from the suburbs with her husband and three small daughters, ran with Bonnie for a couple of miles at about the midpoint of the marathon.

Suzy came along a bit later, as did brother Bob, and the two of them ran with her for much of the final stretch, with Bob right alongside her until it came time to enter the chute at the finish line. And Janet and I even joined in at mile 25 and jogged with her for a few blocks. Hardly grueling on our part, to be sure, but we were flying the family flag.

Bonnie got her marathon medal, and the rest of us got untold satisfaction.

Robert Goldsborough

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