Saturday, July 11, 2009


A friend of mine made a lovely quilt for me to use for the prize in a drawing at my book launch of The Innkeeper in April. The quilt depicted symbols used to guide freedom seekers as they journeyed North on the Underground Railroad to secure their unalienable rights and find justice.
And the winner was…Julie Hyzy, award winning author of the White House Chef mysteries and a good friend. I presented the quilt to Julie in Centuries and Sleuths. Imagine my surprise when Julie “presented it back” to me!
She said she’d read my blog about how special the quilt had become to me as I learned from Sue about the intricacies of quilting and the joy she took in creating it for me.
Julie said that when she read that she hoped whoever won the quilt would re-gift it to me.
From hand to heart as Sue created it; from heart to hand as Julie presented it to me. The quilt travels with me to all my events--a symbol of friendship!
Luisa Buehler

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