Sunday, April 26, 2009

Please Hold Paws

Weddings celebrate commitment, the beginning of a shared community between two souls. Not who you were expecting? Meet Winthorp and Annabelle joined forever in photo fame the day their best friends Michael and Mokwani were wed.

The humans in this story are my nephew and niece who decided once they had a home of their own they would get a dog. They met Winthorp and Annabelle at a shelter and couldn’t leave without both of them. The big guy is a Mastiff mix and the little lady, a Lab mix.

Winthrop had some social shortcomings—he chewed on people; not all people, just an occasional unsuspecting visitor. Annabelle was a darling from day one. Love and patience on the part of their human friends brought Winthrop and Annabelle to a better life.

When Michael and Mokwani decided to marry, a double wedding evolved. The pooches did not attend the ceremony but this photo was in small pewter frames at each place setting.

I keep the photo on the piano with the other family pictures. To tell the truth, it gets the most attention. Handsome couple indeed!

Luisa Buehler


Mary Cunningham said...

What a great story! I love it when our dear "friends" are elevated to family status. As it should be!

Super pic and story.


Sooki Scott said...

Darling couple. And what a great idea to put their picture at each place setting.